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Q: Why grub? Is this just another food platform?
A: Good question! You may have seen some news articles recently, where restaurant owners are expressing their concern with the steep commissions that most food platforms charge. In some cases, it can go as high as 35%. At Grub, we charge partner restaurants a very small success fee, which then helps your favorite local restaurant continue to provide you with fantastic food and service!

Q: I can’t see my favorite restaurant on your platform, when will they be ready?
A: We are striving to have all the restaurants in UAE on our platform, unfortunately it takes time to build their menus once they sign up, so there can be a delay. The restaurant may also decide not to be on our platform, or simply haven’t heard of us yet – in that case, feel free to give them a friendly reminder 😊

Q: The driver just arrived with my food, but it didn’t say on his scooter/uniform, why is that?
A: Grub isn’t a delivery company or platform, we put consumers in touch with restaurants, and give them a way of placing an order without having to call or visit the restaurant. Once the order is placed, restaurants can choose their own unique method of delivery.

Q: My food is late, or was delivered cold!
A: We are very sorry to hear this! Please call our help desk on +971 50 248 9180 and we will get this rectified ASAP!

Q: Do you have your own drivers?
A: No, we give the restaurants a choice of using their own fleet of drivers, or utilize our delivery partners. This is done to save cost and give the flexibility back to the restaurants.

Q: How do I download your App?
A: We are available for download on the Apple App store or Google Play Store. Simply search for

Let's be partners

At Grub we look after our partners and support local. We are offering all venues zero commission for the first six months if they sign up in the launch month – June 2020.
We are also the UAE’s first mobile delivery app to offer AED 1 success fee per order, making sure our local restaurants get the most out of our platform.
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